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Original Japanese Calligraphy Artwork by Japanese calligraphy artist, Shuka.

This kanji character reads kokoro in Japanese, meaning "Heart" or "Spirit".

100% authentic, genuine calligraphy art. This piece is not a print.


About Shuka

Shuka is a Japanese calligraphy artist from southern Japan who now resides in the UK. She studied shodo, or calligraphy, for many years attaining the highest shihan level.


Personalized Artwork

Shuka can create a personalized calligraphy artwork for you or a loved one. This could be a person's name, which Shuka can translate into Japanese characters, or it could be a certain word or message. Perfect as a gift for birthdays, marriage, giving birth, etc.


Size: 21 x 22.5cm. Unframed.

Dispatched by courier.


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